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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diversity of biologycal

All living things have common characteristics, namely movement, response to: excitative, breathe, grow, need food and breed.
In addition there are also differences, among others:
1. The form of the body, the tool movement, how to obtain food, how to breed and place his life.
2. At the plants, which have high size (eg grass Riddles), rounded leaf shape, length etc.

Differences indicate the existence of this diversity.

Diversity level

Diversity Gen Level
Variations on the order of genes in a species.
Diversity of genes in one species = variation called Variety.
For example:
Species Cats = ANGGORA, Siam, UK
Plant = color chrysanthemum flowers that have white, yellow
Diversity of genes can occur naturally as a result of sexual abuse, and made the process of human cultivation.
Ex cross orchid color to get a wide range of orchids.

Species diversity (Type)
Cat = Animal species
Mum = Species plan
Both have a far different nature
Cats and monkeys = difference breath.
Cats and dogs = less different nature.
Chrysanthemum flower and coconut tree = difference breath.
Chrysanthemum and jasmine flowers = less different nature.
Differences are referred to as the diversity of species.
Species is a collection of living creatures that have the characteristics of common and can perform the marriage with each other and produce fertile offspring that (fertile).
Species diversity is found posted on the home, ex:
There is grass, mango trees, citrus, jasmine, etc. sparrow.

Ecosystem diversity
Mortal beings always interacting among themselves or living with the factors abiotik.
Combination of factors shaping the environment abiotik a diverse environment.
Interaction between the organism with the environment abiotik shows the diversity of ecosystems.

Coral reef ecosystem
Forest ecosystem
Both have the type of ecosystem plants and animals are different.


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