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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Organ reproduction women

Organ reproduction women

Organ reproduction in the women if we see directly just seen a lip of vagina and a hole coitus that hidden by a hair in around of vagina. Then there are important subdivisions in organ reproduction in the women, which we must know is:


This is place embryo for blossom out. Every month, uterus prepares to coat the wall with special layer. If women pregnant, the special layer not be broken up but to be alive baby than the women wouldn’t menstruation at pregnant.


Dissociating womb with cave of coitus.


Place where eggs of human made.

Vagina/hole Privy parts

Vagina its for length like tube. Moment correlate sex, penis comes into vagina cave. Menstrual blood also go out to [pass/through] vagina. Baby also go out to pass vagina at the (time) of woman bear
In vagina there are germs and mushroom which [do] not bother body if [his/its] life balance [do] not annoyed. [His/its] Life balance annoyed if woman often clean vagina with antibiotic drug or excessively correlate sexual. If/When mushroom life balance and those germs annoyed, hence happened [by] turning white.

Wall of Vagina

Wall Vagina also have special coat. This wall [of] its coat [of] refinement and easy to once injure. If hurt, oftentimes its hurt [do] not be felt [by] pain. Bodily injury [in] vagina wall, facilitating Catching Infection germ or seed [of] Sexual (IMS) enter into body.
Lip of Kelamin/Labia

Lip of vagina beyond body.
There [is] two lip in external sex [of] woman, its name [of] big lip and small lip.


Clitorises reside in tabletop [in] lip between of vagina. Its for like nut. Clitoris has very nerve many so that very sensitive to excitement. Clitoris to woman looks like men penis


Reside in vagina cave, [do] not far from vagina mouth. Made hymen of flimsy coat, with its exit place hole [of] menstruation. Hymen there [is] flimsy as well as stiff. Hymen cannot be made [by] girl guarantee [at] woman, because hymen can tear because fallen down or athletics, besides because coitus


Ureter [at] woman reside in among vagina mouth and clitoris.


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