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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Let's Study adjective

Adjectives describe nouns.
In grammar, we say that Adjectives modify nouns. The word modify means “change a little”. Modify the word means "change a little."
It gives a little different meaning to a noun
Good student, beautiful girl, handsome man etc

The adjective = nature
The words that give description or nature on thing
classified to 8 kinds of
1st adj of quality
2nd adj quantity of
3rd adj of Numeral
4. Demonstrative adj
5. Proper adj
6. Interrogative adj
7. Possessive adj
8. Distributive adj

kinds of types adj

Proper adj

Words that indicate the nature of the nation or language.

English, Dutch, Javanese, Chinese etc

Interrogative adj

Adjective that is used to question. (noun use must be followed)

What book ...?
Which car ...?
Whose jacket ...?
Which do you want?

Possessive adj

Words that indicate the nature of the owner.
its My, your, his, her, their, our, its

My book is new

Distributive adj

Words that indicate the nature of the distribution of an object

Each (each)
Every (every)

Every student will receive a new book

Compound Adjectives

Adjective form that consists of several words combined into one.

compound adjective There are some rule or form a compound adjective is standard '
With the Present participle (Verb + ing)
girl a good-looking girl
an English-speaking students

With the Past participle (V3)
a ready-made uniform a ready-made uniform
a broken-heart man a broken-heart man

By adding the suffixes-ed

With infinitives

a never to be forgotten film
a to be continued film

By using the related word
life and death struggle
kick and rush game
black and blue mark



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