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Friday, July 17, 2009

Diabetes Militus attack of the young

DM attack of The Young

Diabetes mellitus DM or a serious threat to the community. According to the World Health Organization or WHO, the diabetes incidence in Indonesia ranks fourth highest in the world, that is 8.4 million, in 2000. Disease attack at the age of many young or productive periods.

. "To prevent complications, diabetes mellitus risk factors should be controlled," said Director of Disease Control Ministry of Health is not infectious Yusharmen, warning in the event the World Diabetes Day, Thursday (13/11), in Jakarta.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, diabetes is the cause of death of the seventh order in the world. Each year there are 3.2 million deaths related to diabetes. In 2003, the WHO said the number of people with DM 194 million and is estimated to be increased by 333 million in 2025.

Household Health survey shows, the number or prevalence of DM incidence increased from 2001 of 7.5 percent to 10.4 percent in 2004. The results of the survey, the Central Statistics show in 2003, prevalence of DM in urban areas 14.7 percent and 7.2 percent in rural areas.

"The increase over the increased prevalence of diabetes risk factors, namely Obesity or overweight, lack of physical activity, less consumption of fiber, high fat, smoking, hyper cholesterols, and high blood sugar," said Yusharmen. Along with shifting lifestyles, many are now more children fell ill DM.

"In developing countries, many diabetes occur in the productive," said Chairman of The Central Diabetes in Indonesia Achmad Rudijanto. DM is a metabolic aberration due to lack of carbohydrate relative or absolute insulin. This marked increase in blood sugar, often followed by deviation of fat and protein metabolism.

Normally, fasting glucose level less than 100 mg / dl or glucose level 2 hours after eating less than 140 mg / dl. In the DM patients, fasting glucose level over 126 mg / dl or blood sugar 2 hours after eating more than 200 mg / dl, with symptoms of diabetes, such as easy-thirsty, urinate a lot at night, easy to hungry, tired, and weight loss down dramatically.

"If not fixed, so diabetes will be symptoms type two diabetes. Some of the diseases related to diabetes in the neuropathy, stroke, heart rudiment, rudiment vein and nerve foot, complications in the kidney and urine channel, "said Rudi.

Therefore, the DM need to be managed with blood sugar control, to consuming balanced and nutritious food rich in fiber are planned, not smoking, exercise regularly, control body weight. Some patients need to consuming drugs or injected insulin.


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