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Friday, June 19, 2009

working as oke as offspring

working as oke as offspring

In order nature women have a different body with men. For that reason women experience menstruation, childbirth and breastfeeding that is not experienced by men. This function is called reproductive function . Strive to be your carry on reproductive health.

Main message:
• Age 20 years to 30 years is a safe period for the birth.
• If the distance between the two births of 2 years, the risk for infant mortality is high. For that, follow the Family Planning.
• check urine mother, when there are signs of pregnancy (stop bleeding).
• Any pregnant women need to regularly self-examined to health at least 4 times during pregnancy.

: Strive to keep away possible occurrence of problems in pregnancy examination through Q 5:
• balanced body,
• blood pressure.
• Higher base uterus (fundus uteri)
• Tablet 90 grains of iron during pregnancy.
• Tetanus (injection) 2 times during pregnancy.

Also check if there are signs oedem (swelling) in the leg foot.
You can obtain service in the health / House Sick also can you do on the actual medical experts / private midwife practices.

Pregnant women need to:
• Caring for breast regularly.
• Eat nutritious food more than usual and more rest.

* Family Planning to give couples the option of the couple should have children when, how many in number, the distance between the children with one child and at the next stop should have children. (WAS = 01).


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